Leveraging IoT and Analytics for Project Management


The construction industry employs 7% of the world's workforce and contributes $10 trillion annually to global GDP. It provides us food, water and shelter via road, irrigation and urban infrastructure.

Yet, there haven't been significant improvements in efficiency in the last half century.

Our goal is to simplify and digitize site operations by using Internet-of-Things technology, and to thus radically improve project management and execution.

Plug-n-Play Product

We've built a plug-n-play hardware-software product that transforms project management.

Connected devices capture data on all the activity happening on-site and bring it onto our software platform, which enables companies to monitor their projects remotely and manage them more efficiently.

Our Team

Einsite is built by a team of 35 engineers and dreamers, with bases in San Francisco (USA), and Hyderabad (India). We are proud to be backed by KPCB Edge, the seed funding initiative of legendary US Venture Capital firm, Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers.

We are constantly trying to bring more passionate and driven people onto our team, so please reach out to us below if you're interested in working with us.


It's been a real learning adventure so far, with lots of exciting and challenging developments! If you want to follow our startup journey, please check out our blog:

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